Shelter at Orenco Station is Closed 

A collaborative effort of local churches, businesses, foundations and the

 Washington County Community.

The Shelter at Orenco Station serves homeless men, women and couples without children during the coldest months of the winter.The shelter provides a safe, warm place to stay overnight. During the winter months of December, January and February the shelter remains open for 90 consecutive days, regardless of if it's extreme weather or not. In order to best serve our homeless friends during this time, the SOS Shelter operates as an enrollment program. This means that once you are "enrolled" into the shelter you have a guaranteed bed until the shelter closes. The only way to lose your spot is to miss two consecutive nights or two nights in one week. Upon arrival the shelter welcomes guests and volunteers and require both to sign in for the evening. Later in the evening a warm dinner is served along with other resources available  Upon leaving the shelter in the morning a breakfast is provided. The shelter is hosted at Sonrise Church Hillsboro and is made possible by the support of over 200 volunteers from 22 area churches and by members of the greater Washington County community.Volunteers are vital to shelter operation and perform various tasks such as checking-in guests, preparing the evening meal and serving as evening and overnight hosts.

If you are homeless and seeking shelter resources, the Shelter at Orenco Station is currently closed. If you live in Washington County please call Community Connect at     503-640-3263. If you do not live in Washington County call 211 to received assistance in locating a shelter near you. You can also visit for resources on extreme weather shelters open in the area. 

Mission Statement: Guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, we come together to provide a winter shelter that meets our guests physical and spiritual needs in an atmosphere that reflects God's boundless love. We will always maintain a safe environment for our guests and volunteers. We strive to be good stewards of the resources and trust given to us by our supporters and the church in which we operate.